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Vincent Thomas rendered this Baby as part of a study of facial expressions, to show sadness.

About The Artist:

Vincent is a French digtial artist, who is self taught, first with 3D Studio, and more recently with Softimage 3D. He is looking for his first job in computer graphics. You can e-mail him at vinthoma@imaginet.fr, or click here to visit his web site.

Behind The Scenes:

He started modelling this head by skinning together a few simple NURBS curves in Softimage 3D. After he had the basic shape, he added more points and edges to increase the level of detail. Vincent notes that as more points are added to the head, it becomes "less maleable" and more difficult to edit. The face is textured with several UV textures, layered and blended together. He used the 3d paint tool to make guides, then refined the maps in Adobe Photoshop.

Since he "was not really pleased" with the colors of the textured skin, he produced the sepia version (shown above) of the textured rendering. This seems to have been a "happy accident" in producing an illustration with a very nostalgic, retro look.