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Sven G. Moll created "Red Bull" as a personal project in Lightwave 3D.  It was designed to be entered in a Lightwave Mailing-List Contest, which required him to "create something ugly."  The scene has since been featured on the cover of Keyframe-Magazine, Issue 9, but he does not plan to do more of this kind of rendering, "I prefer to model nice female characters" explains Sven.

About The Artist:

Sven lives in Munich, Germany.  Sven has been interested in CGI since he was 10 years old, and now works professionally with his brother in a company they call Mimetic Lights CGI.  You can see more of Sven's work on their web site, www.mimeticlights.de.

Behind The Scenes:

Sven created the scene using Lightwave 3D version 5.6, running on a Windows NT system. 

Bull's hair was created with Two-Point-Polygons, cloned with Point-Clone+.  Sven made 14 texture maps in Photoshop, to map the character with color, diffuse, specular, bump, and other maps.  The larger facial details and wrinkles are all modeled into the geometry.

Sven built the model out of MetaNURBS, Lightwave's implemention of polygonal subdivision surfaces.  He started with a subdivided plane and transformed it step-by-step, adding and removing details, pushing and pulling points, and shifting and beveling polygons, until he had achieved this form.  For the image below, the "Meta-cage" of controlling polygons is turned off, and only the interpolated faces and surface patches (white contour lines) of the MetaNURBS model are shown.