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Ryan Hanau began creating this model as a part of his graduate work in the Communications and New Media department at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.  He is interested in digital actors (or "synthespians") and wanted "to go inside and develop the anatomy of a person in three dimensions."  After he graduated, his work attracted the attention of a number of different companies from the automobile industry to the entertainment business.  Ryan is continuing his work professionally, completing the project he started at Art Center.

About The Artist:

Ryan lives in San Francisco, California and works out of his home.  He has previously worked in CD ROM game design, web design, interactive writing, and a number of other jobs.  You can see more of Ryan Hanau's work on his web site, http://anaticom.com/, or contact him at hanau@rocketmail.com.

Behind The Scenes:

Ryan created the scene using Alias|Wavefront's Alias Power Animator, running on a Silicon Graphics Indigo II Extreme.  For reference, in addition to anatomy texts, he also "spent a fair amount of time at the morgue, looking at cadavers." Ryan adds that "As gross as this may sound, it's the only real way to see what's going on inside someone."

It has been a lot of work assembling this detailed model, but Ryan is interested in studying anatomy in this way because "a three dimensional human allows one to really understand how we are put together. It's wonderful to be able to see the human figure from any angle or perspective."

The image below is a wireframe view of the scene in Alias Power Animator, with muscles over half of the figure.