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Vu Nguyen, of Osmosis Solutions in Australia, describes this series of images as follows:

The 'Global Intoxication Series' was intended as a light hearted parody of the image on the cover of "Digital Lighting and Rendering" by Jeremy Birn.  The book's cover featured a mysterious figure standing in a door way, casting an ominous shadow into the room. The clever use of light and shadow is reminiscent of Giorgio de Chirico's work, and could be interpreted in numerous ways. Because the shadow played such an important role in the composition, just by changing the silhouette the whole mood of the image could be altered. Upon receiving our copy of Jeremys book, the studios members decided to lighten the mood of the original image by using some very well known television figures.

The scenes were modelled and textured within 3ds max 3.1 and rendered with mental ray. The scene itself consists of a simple room, with an inset in one corner which provided the main point of focus. A few simple objects litter the room to add secondary detail. These objects were reused within the three images to create a theme throughout the series.

Each scene uses a strong key light placed outside the room and pointed towards the doorway. The silhouette is cast from an opacity mapped plane set in the doorway perpendicular to the angle of the light. To reduce distortion the plane was eventually moved into the room, closer to the wall on which it was shadowing. A second omni was used in the 'Global Intoxication' scene to produce the light spilling from within the fridge.

Attention was paid to an overall colour tint of each scenes texture set. This in conjunction with the colour bleeding effects of GI helped to establish a colour mood and theme within each image. It then became a matter of playing around with lighting levels and tweaking the GI settings to get the right accuracy and amount of illumination.

Besides the chuckles we had while producing the series, the production afforded opportunities to explore advanced rendering techniques discussed in Jeremy's book, such as Global Illumination. It was also a challenge for each of us to try to create 3 separate and distinct compositions and yet retain a certain look and feel to the series. To that end, each image has a distinct colour scheme and mood, reflecting the personality of the central character as well as the artist.

'Final Gluttony' - Vu Nguyen

'Global Intoxication' - Asher Graham

'Beauty Pass' - Mark Galea, Asher Graham