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Michael Lawson calls this image "Call," in reference to a character in the film "Alien Resurrection."  He added this piece to his portfolio primarily in order to explore facial modeling.  The specific subject was chosen partly because the "familiar face" would allow Michael to better gauge his success in modeling, and also because he "wanted to avoid long hair."

About The Artist:

Michael works at home in Toronto, Canada, and is seeking a full-time position in the industry.  He is self-taught, and has been working in 3D graphics since 1995.  You can see more of Michael Lawson's work on his web site, http://www.globalserve.net/~signnetwork/.

Behind The Scenes:

Michael created the scene using Kenetix's 3D Studio Max.  He "used dozens of photos of her from many angles to help refine the geometry," and then created texture maps including elements from those photos, in addition to painted details.  To align the elements, Michael rendered a wireframe view of his model, and used it as a template for creating the maps.

"The only real difficulty was in trying to create a resemblance to the actress," concludes Michael, "I've had mixed reviews, some people think it's great, others think it 'kinda' looks like her if you 'look at it the right way.'  Oh well, you can't please them all."  The image below is a wireframe view of the scene in 3D Studio Max.