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Robert Kuczera created "Zon" at The Light Works in Cologne, Germany. Zon will appear in the upcoming game "Arcatera - The Black Sun," which is advertised as featuring "better graphics than any role-playing game, and more freedom of movement and features than any adventure." Judging by the work that Robert has created for it so far, it looks like it could be an impressive game.

About The Artist:

Robert is a computer artist in Cologne, Germany. He now works for the Light Works, creating characters for games, location-based display, and cover artwork. He also works on industrial movies, special effects, and television. You can see more of Robert's work on his web site, at www.3dcharacters.de.

Behind The Scenes:

Robert Kuczera created "Zon" using Alias|Wavefront's Power Animator and Maya software, running on a Silicon Graphics Indigo II High Impact. Robert built the character and assigned textures in Power Animator, based on sketches provided by the Light Works. The scene was then imported into Maya, which read the geometry and some "but now all" of the textures.

Robert says that for him, the biggest challenge in this project "was working with Maya. Because the handling of this software is very different [from Power Animator.] I had to learn Maya while producing with it. I had to find out where the [differences were] in creating characters - or exchanging characters [between] packages."

Despite the newness and complexity of Maya, Robert took advantage of several of the new techniques that were possible. He notes that "Driven keys are very useful. You can fine tune a character very easily."

Maya Screenshot.