Overview Modeling a Mountain Bike

Modeling a Mountain Bike

Original Model & Rendering by Chen Lizra
Tutorial by Daniel Ljunggren

This tutorial covers every step in building the realistic Mountain Bike shown above. By the time you're done, you'll have practiced a lot of the modeling techniques you need to use to build detailed designs in Rhinoceros. To speed things up, all the curves required in the tutorial are already available on the Secrets of Rhinoceros CD-ROM, along with the final .3dm file you'll build, and some intermediate versions along the way.

The Frame Page 1
The Handlebars Page 4
The Wheels Page 6
The Rear Rack Page 7
The Seat Page 8
The Lock Page 9
The Crank Page 10
Accessories & Details Page 11
The Spokes Page 30
The Gears Page 32
The Chain Page 33
The Final Product Page 35

Please allow a full day's work to complete this tutorial. Click here to get started...