Overview Modeling a Sailboat

Modeled & Rendered in Rhinoceros by Michael Philbrick

Modeling a Sailboat

By Michael Philbrick

This tutorial details every step of building the boat model pictured above. Because this boat is a serious, professional project, it probably should not be the first tutorial you follow in learning Rhinoceros, and it does assume at least a basic familiarity with the Rhinoceros interface. Please allow at least two days to complete this tutorial. In addition to following all the steps, be sure to check out the optional pages - they describe other solutions to many of the issues raised in this tutorial, and even cover how the scene above was textured, lit, and rendered in Rhinoceros.

On the CD-ROM, you'll find several .3dm files in the boat directory that the tutorial will tell you to load at appropriate times, including templates, reference images, and annotation. There is also a final copy of the scene pictured above, along with several partially-assembled stages of the project against which you can check your work. All texture maps used in the rendering above are also included, in the materials subdirectory. Click here to get started...

• Part 1 Hull and Deck
Background Images Page 1
Hull Shape Page 2
Backbone Page 8
Finishing up the Hull Page 11
Rails Page 13
Deck Page 15
Rubrails Page 16
• Part 2 Deck Detail
Cabins Page 17
Rudder Page 19
Main Winch Post Page 20
Main Winch Page 21
Stern Posts Page 22
Stacks Page 23
Anchor Winch Posts Page 25
Anchor Winches Page 26
Sprit Posts Page 27
Sprit Page 28
Sprit Brace Page 29
• Part 3 Rigging
Masts Page 30
Spreaders Page 33
Sails Page 34
Deadeyes and Lanyards Page 36
Blocks Page 38
Lines and Stays Page 39

Alternate Approaches

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